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Build Your Own One Metre RC Yacht

ARCYRC GOTH IOM Information Booklet

So you've seen these model yachts around, maybe only on the internet or hopefully you have visited a local club to have a look at them in the flesh and think you would like to give one a go.

The first thing to work out is what class you want to compete in? It is always suggested to get a boat that is sailed at your local club or club of choice. This gives you support from experienced skippers in the class you decide to sail.

At ARCYRC, the predominant classes are IOM and Marblehead. Club championship rounds are held regularly and the club also hosts the State Championships and Ranking events throughout the year.

Firstly, compared with kits that can be purchased through your local hobby shop or online hobby shop, the IOM & Marblehead yachts we sail are vastly different in performance and cost. There is no real escape from higher costs if you want to be "in the mix" for a race win.

You will need to budget upwards of $1500 for a boat that will be competitive at club level. This will also depend on how much you are able or willing to do yourself and if you have been involved in RC before and maybe already have some suitable equipment (chargers, TX etc). Secondhand boats can be found by asking the club contacts or searching online. The Australian Radio Yachting Association (ARYA) website has a good for sale page and there is also one at the SA Radio Yachting website

To buy a new boat can take some time. Most builders have extensive waiting lists and build times. To assist budding skippers to get involved in the sport a bit quicker, the ARCYRC have made moulds for the IOM Goth as designed and made available by Frank Russell in NSW.

For details on how the ARCYRC can help you become involved have a look at the GOTH information booklet that has been created. You can also download the lines plan here